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Warranty – FlexiShield


FlexiShield Paint Protection Film Warranty

Reflek Technologies’ extensive warranty certifies all FlexiShield product lines to be free of any manufacturing and workmanship defects for a period of ten (10) years from the date of installation on painted automotive surfaces. This warranty covers only those defects which can be attributed to the manufacturing process of the film such as fading, color change, cracking, bubbling or delamination. Defects or accidents caused by inappropriate installation processes or facilities, intentional misuse, exceptional damage due to large debris, collision or vandalism, among others, are considered part of the product’s regular wear and tear and are excluded from this warranty.

Please register your product, by completing the form below, to facilitate a quick and efficient process in the event of a warranty claim. Replacement of the defective film is the only form of compensation offered by this warranty, and will be provided exclusively upon display of a valid proof of purchase issued by an authorized dealership. All claims should be addressed in first instance to the original dealership or installer, only in cases where such a claim proves unsatisfactory will Reflek Technologies provide manufacturer coverage.

This warranty does not cover FlexiShield products installed on vehicles used for commercial or professional activities, including but not limited to racing cars, courier fleets and rentals.

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Read aftercare, see pdf